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Big Mac Index – how much in Japan?

UBS (headquarters Switzerland), the world 's leading financial group, has released the 2018 version of the "Big Mac Index".

How much do you have to pay to buy McDonald's Big Mac in your country?
Although it is a simple comparison, but It's good to measure prices because the same product is sold all over the world.

(All price in USD)
Switzerland 6.54
Sweden USD 5.84
United States 5.51
Euro area 4.74
Brazil 4.4
Singapore 4.28
South Korea 4.03
Thailand 3.59
Japan 3.5
Peru 3.2
C‌hina 3.1
Vietnam 2.82
Philippines 2.62
Mexico 2.57
Hong Kong 2.55
India 2.51
South Africa 2.32
Indonesia 2.19
Russia 2.09
Egypt 1.75

Japan is about a half of Switzerland.
One factor that has caused a sharp rise in visitors to Japan during the past few years is the low price of Tokyo prices.

You will be surprised by the price of "Big-Mac plus drink combo" is less than USD4.00 (weekdays lunchtime only price). However, annual sales of McDonald's Japan have been increasing these years. They periodically release higher priced original menu, unique campaign such as "double patties for another USD1.00" at dinner time. So if you pay 100yen(about USD1.00) more, your Big-Mac become 4 patties.
Can't you believe it? Here's McDonald's Japan campaign page of double patties.

(2019/04/21 update)
Term limited offer of BigMac Jr., Grand BigMac, and qty limited offer of Giga BigMac.
For Grand BigMac and Giga BigMac, patty size itself is 0.3 times larger than normal.
More detail:

Big Mac campaign in Japan