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Construction machine rental industries in Japan (2018)

Construction machine rental industries in Japan (2018)

Big 4 Construction machine rental companies

Company Name Annual sales
Actio 174.3billion Yen (1.58billion USD)
Kanamoto 158.4billion Yen (1.44billion USD)
Nishio-rent-all 123.5billion Yen (1.12billion USD)
Nikken 107billion Yen (0.97billion USD)

Construction machine rental industry is booming.
Following the reconstruction work of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the increase in large-scale construction projects such as the Tokyo Olympic Games and urban redevelopment is boosting.

In the background of the strong rental of construction machine, construction companies including general contractors sometimes actively use construction machine rental as part of cost reduction and financial strategy.
Construction machinery is expensive, and ownership of machinery will result in an increase in tangible fixed assets and interest rates of construction companies, which will put pressure on management.
For this reason, movements to convert fixed costs into variable costs using construction machine rental, and to procure construction machines each time according to the situations of the site and the area are generalized.