Conveyor belt sushi market in Japan

Market size of "conveyor belt sushi" (so we call, "Kaiten-Zushi", sushi-go-round, revolving sushi) in Japan is about 600 billion yen(5.5 billion U.S. dollars).
Following Big 4 companies occupy 75% of market share.

Hama-zushi: 436 shops

Sushiro: 427 shops

Kura-zushi: 372 shops

Kappa-zushi: 338 shops


By the way,  Ishino-seisakusho Co, Ltd make conveyer for sushi shops, and it's market share is more than 60%.


(update: 2018/08/08)

There were 6 bankruptcy cases of companies operating the "Rotary Sushi Store" in January-July, 2018.

Compared to other food and beverage industry, such as a belt conveyor and a touch panel for ordering, it is a leading investment type industry that needs a large initial investment. It's a business model with high cost ratio among food  industry.

Also, higher fish prices and shortage of manpower directly hit the sushi restaurant.

While the overall performance of the restaurant industry has been sluggish, the "rotary sushi" industry has continued to grow on the right.

Major chain shops opened stores as the driving force behind the expansion of the market and major oligopolies are expanding.

Stakeholders pointed out that there is a possibility that the industry restructuring will be further advanced, but the management tasks such as high fish price and shortage of manpower are not resolved, and the future trend of local and medium-sized revolving sushi shops I can not take my eyes.

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