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Ethnographic research in Japan

What is Ethnography?

Ethnography is a methodology for understanding different cultures (like Japan and Asian countries) in cultural anthropology and sociology. Ethnographic research has incorporated this methodology into market research. Many companies tried to analyze and understand different cultures and heterogeneous groups from the outside at the cut of Western culture, but it did not go well. So, by living with different cultures and heterogeneous groups, observing and analyzing from inside, ethnography was used.

Why “Ethnographic research” is important?

At group interviews, the members are gathered at specific places and time, we do not know what kind of scene behind the comments of the group members.

For example, suppose you interviewed a group under the theme "What are the elements of a luxury car?" At that time, even if there is a remark that "the sense of exhilaration and fulfillment when sitting in the driver's seat is different from other cars", the moderator can not understand it in real terms.

So interviewer will get on to the target’s car and do observation and interview from the passenger seat. By doing this way not only for one day but also for a week including weekends, the contents of the theme can be analyzed empirically, empathically.

Successful Ethnographic research

Ethnographic research is based on one on one interview. And the interviewer  should be involved in recruiting of research target as the compatibility between interviewer and the person being interviewed is very important in actual interviews.

It takes time for one sample, the number of samples will be limited.

In the interview, it is the first step to have the target person believe you are  "sympathetic" and "easy-to-talk" and find new discoveries for both sides through the interview.

Ethnographic research in Japan

Major companies identify the importance of ethnographic research. Intel observed how kids play with PC in the class, Kao (Japanese consumer products manufacturer) used ethnograhy to research how Japanese think and feel aging/anti-aging.

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