rescue drone

Japan drone business market size

We visited "Japan Drone Show 2019" (Mar. 13-15) at Makuhari Messe in Chiba pref.

It was an exhibition of  drones from overseas and good business opportunities to find Japanese distributors.

Drone business in Japan is mainly measurement, inspection of construction, house roof check, agriculture, sightseeing, police, fire fighting, and human rescue purpose.

Especially, facility check and disaster investigation have big potential.

For isolated area such as islands and mountains, drone is expected to use for distribution and delivery of goods.

Drone business in Japan is gradually expanding and the researchers forecast is 145 billion yen (about 1.3 billion doller) in 2019, and will be 500 billion yen (about 4.5 bikkion doller) in 2024.


Hybrid drone flies 180 mins
rescue drone
Rescue drone can carry human
Unmanned Underwater Vehicle is to use to check bottom of ships