hospital and doctor in Japan

Number of Hospitals and doctors in Japan (2017)

Number of Hospital and doctor in Japan (2017)

Source: Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare, Japan dental association

Japanese medical system is characterized by "the public national health insurance system", "free access", "free practitioner system", "payment at piece rates".

Number of doctor(2017) : 319,480

Number of hospital(2017): 8,442

Number of dentist(2017): 103,972

Number of dental clinic(2017): 68,791

Overall, the number of doctor in Japan is still short, especially pediatrician.

Since Japanese population is about 123million people, the number of doctor(319,480) is less than the average of OECD member countries in terms of 1,000 population, and the absolute number of doctors is largely short compared with the OECD average.

On the other hand, the number of dentist is surplus.